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Curious? We are.

Avid.legal is a tight-knit team of forward-thinking New Zealand lawyers inspired by innovation. We enjoy partnering with high-growth companies, especially those venturing through the dynamic landscape of the technology sector.

We’re believers.

New Zealand entrepreneurs are global problem solvers. We absolutely believe that. That’s why our core purpose is to support and work hand in hand with these innovators. Beyond being legal experts, we stand beside our clients as advocates for the transformative power of ingenuity.

Pioneering the future.

We’re committed to guiding New Zealand towards a future where technology and innovation form the foundation of a strong, thriving, and inclusive economy. Our legal expertise is dedicated to making this sector one of New Zealand's most significant global contributions, creating a diverse and sustainable tomorrow for all.

What Sets Us Apart?

Innovation at Heart

We’re energised by the challenge and complexity of the technology and innovation sectors. For us, it’s more than just a practice area — it’s where we thrive.

Dedication to the Ecosystem

We’re driven to uplift the ecosystem that supports New Zealand’s startup community. We embrace the spirit of kotahitanga, where the success of one fuels prosperity for all.

Your Language, Our Expertise

Innovator, founder, startup, or investor? We speak your language, understand the nuances of your journey, and provide legal support that aligns with your goals.

Purposeful Solutions

Forget cookie-cutter solutions and big-firm baggage. We dig in, ask questions and tailor our approach to your particular needs.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow.

Do you share our vision for the future, where New Zealand entrepreneurs lead the way and the technology and innovation sector drives economic growth? Great. Sounds like we should talk. 

Welcome to the law firm that’s as forward-thinking and ambitious as you are.

Our values


Authentic Connection

Open, approachable, and understanding, we're more than lawyers; we're partners in your journey. We talk straight, work alongside you, and take our work seriously while keeping things light. Passionate about our craft, we find joy in what we do.


Beyond Legal Expertise

Thoughtfulness stands at the core of our identity. We care deeply for our team, our roles, and the impact we make. Commercially and socially aware, and always seeking improvement, we're a blank canvas ready for bold solutions, embracing curiosity and different ways of doing things.


A Hub for Excellence

At Avid.legal, good people do their best work and enjoy each other's company. We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. Leveraging our experience and networks, we're here to maximise your ability to succeed. When the going gets tough, we stand beside you, and when success comes knocking, we celebrate with you.


Solutions at the Forefront

We're tenacious problem solvers. Focused on solutions, not problems, we listen, strategize, and execute with courage and commitment. Proactive by nature, we get things done – no empty promises, just results. At Avid.legal, tenacity is not simply a value, it's our driving force.


We provide the flexibility to choose the fee structure that works for you and your stage of growth. Get in touch, tell us what you need and we can run you through the options


Our time charged at agreed hourly rates.


Agreed price or caps for identified scopes of work.


Fixed price periodic fee, usually on monthly basis for identified scopes of work over an agreed period of time.


In some circumstances, we will work with startups and early-stage companies on a split fee and equity basis.

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Avid Legal

Looking for More?
Partnering for Your Complete Success

At Avid.legal, we pride ourselves on our deep expertise in corporate, finance, commercial, technology, and data law. However, we understand the complexities of business often requires a broader array of specialties. That's where our philosophy of collaboration shines.

Embracing a Collaborative Approach

We know our strengths, and we celebrate them. Equally, we recognise the value that specialised partners bring to the table in areas like employment, property, tax, competition, IP registration and litigation. It's about complementing our expertise with theirs, ensuring you receive well-rounded, comprehensive advice.

A Partnership That Extends Beyond Avid.legal

Our commitment to your success involves taking the "right horse for the right course" approach, unrestricted by the four walls of a traditional full-service law firm. We have longstanding relationships with several specialist law firms that we partner with across a range of clients and matters.  We advocate for these partners because we believe they can offer the best service to meet your specific needs. We find this to be of enormous benefit to our clients.

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